Driving Licence

Note: This is a guide only and customers should confirm their personal situation with DVLA directly.

Full Car Licence holders who passed their test before February 1st 2001:
No test needed – Can ride without L plates

Full Car Licence holders who passed after 1st February 2001:
A CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course must be undertaken first.
Cost from £100 and normally completed in 1 day

No Car Licence:
1. Must be 16 years old or more.
2. Apply for Provisional driving licence.
3. Complete CBT course.
4. You can ride a 50cc on L plates for 2 years (or until CBT expires)

This information is provided solely as a general guide and cannot be relied upon as confirmation of your ability / authorization to ride a moped. Please check with DVLA to make sure your licence does permit the riding of a moped.