Tomos scooters and mopeds have been whizzing around the streets of Europe for the past six decades. Renowned for their simple design, quality manufacture, long term reliability and classic good looks.

The beginning of ‘Tomos’ dates back to July 1954, when the foundations of today’s company were laid in Koper, Slovenia. The journey started on the development and production of Tomos two-wheelers in October the same year, Tomos already marketed its own products under the TOMOS brand (at the very beginning it was a licensed producer of Steyer-Daimer Puch mopeds. Tomos’s first product was a motorcycle called TOMOS Puch SG 250).

In the late 1950s, numerous variants of the moped Puch MS 50 were produced under the common name Colibri. The ever expanding designs and orders meant Tomos was becoming a big brand with its ‘must have‘ designs.

In early 1960s, market research showed that the interest in heavy motorcycles was decreasing all over Europe so Tomos altered its range of motorcycles and focused exclusively on the production of two stroke 50 cm3 motorcycles.

The 1960s were a very productive period for Tomos. Holland had emerged as an important market. Tomos had so much success, that the only other plant outside of Slovenia was built in Holland in 1966.

Through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s the growing demand for two-wheelers encouraged Tomos to develop modern and easy-to-maintain mopeds with a distinctive design, ideal for urban living or countryside leisure. Tomos mopeds proved highly popular building markets throughout Europe, Africa and the USA.

Now, for the first time in 30 years, Tomos mopeds are back in the UK. With our head office in East Sussex, Tomos GB Ltd is the official UK & Ireland concessionaire and distributes the Tomos Moped range directly and through a nationwide network of dealers.

The current model range of Classic XL, Racing 45, and Flexer 45 follow the heritage of the company which is credited with bringing the Moped to a worldwide market. With such pedigree, and still made in the same European factory, your new Tomos follows the same tradition for style and reliability that has been the very essence of the company over the last 60 years.

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